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Shadow Fight 3 MOD

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Version

MOD features

If you spend too much time playing games and receive not too many coins. So right now, we will show you how to solve that simple problem.

As mentioned above, in the MOD version, we bring you unlimited money and gems. Moreover, you can also freeze enemies easily. The monetary system helps players can own any item in the store. With a diverse weapon system, it will surely bring an unforgettable experience for players. Wearing a beautiful armor and a good sword will surely overwhelm the enemy.

MOD information:

  • Unlimited money
  • Frozen Enemy

Note that when you jump and the enemy attacks you, you will be frozen.


If you are satisfied with what Shadow Fight 2 has to offer, this time you will be amazed. Because in Shadow Fight 3 version has the appearance of the hero character that you admire so long. With attractive gameplay mechanics and realistic 3D graphics, in conclusion, this will certainly be the version that brings many new successes. Currently, the game is being released for free on the Google Play app store. But above all, its MOD version is only available in our store. Please select a link and click the Download button.

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