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November 19, 2020 (5 days ago)
Shadow Fight 3 MOD APK can be said to be a game that keeps the players who love the most solo fighting game series. This is considered to be the second masterpiece of Nekki after the release of Shadow Fight 2. With gameplay similar to its first version but has been modified by the publisher in terms of graphics. Upgrade the detailed and sharp graphics system, no longer the ghostly shadow of the previous version. Does this version have what makes those who are hard fans of Shadow Fight collapsed?
NameShadow Fight 3
Request4.1 trở lên
MOD FeaturesMoney/ Frozen Enemy
Original LinkDownload from Google Play

Shadow Fight 3 MOD Version

MOD features

If you spend too much time playing games and receive not too many coins. So right now, we will show you how to solve that simple problem.

As mentioned above, in the MOD version, we bring you unlimited money and gems. Moreover, you can also freeze enemies easily. The monetary system helps players can own any item in the store. With a diverse weapon system, it will surely bring an unforgettable experience for players. Wearing a beautiful armor and a good sword will surely overwhelm the enemy.

MOD information:

  • Unlimited money
  • Frozen Enemy

Note that when you jump and the enemy attacks you, you will be frozen.


If you are satisfied with what Shadow Fight 2 has to offer, this time you will be amazed. Because in Shadow Fight 3 version has the appearance of the hero character that you admire so long. With attractive gameplay mechanics and realistic 3D graphics, in conclusion, this will certainly be the version that brings many new successes. Currently, the game is being released for free on the Google Play app store. But above all, its MOD version is only available in our store. Please select a link and click the Download button.

How to install “Shadow Fight 3 MOD version”

  1. “APK” install it on your device.
  2. “com.nekki.shadowfight3” folder “android / obb” copy into.
  3. Enter the game.

About the shadow fight 3 MOD APK

shadow fight 3 mod apk

After the success of Shadow Fight 2, the publisher Nekki this time decided to play big. The next blockbuster in the series is called Shadow Fight 3. Same name as the previous version but this time, with a distinct difference woven from realistic 3D graphics. Before that, the fighting characters were only mysterious shadows that no one could know. With the development, in this version, the combat characters have been revealed.


download shadow fight 3 mod apk

After the presence of Shadow Fight 2, the publisher took the idea to expand and develop it to a new level. The story of Shadow Fight 3 has many similarities with the 2nd version. After the victories gained by the legendary Samurai warrior, he became more arrogant and went around looking for his opponent. Conquer all challenges in this world but unfortunately, the forces of darkness gradually become stronger.

The Gate of Shadows’ seal was broken by dark forces, separating the world of darkness and humanity. Samurai heroes redefined the definition of darkness. For many years, the reign of Shadow Fight 3 appeared. The world of the old court is repeated under the glory of God. In this 3rd version, the entire bodies of the warriors were open. Since then, fierce battles and a new ending will gradually be revealed.


Shadow Fight 3 is an RPG fighting RPG game revolving around the fight between Samurai and AI. Players will be transformed into hero characters. In this version, you will see your character in 3D. No longer is the shadow in Shadow Fight version 2 anymore. Our character is an arrogant person who has devoted his youth to find a worthy opponent. There are three main guilds that use the power of darkness: Heralds, Legion, and Dynasty. Through the journey to win the world of darkness, personal conflicts begin to occur. Your very simple task is to participate in a duel, use the joystick to move, attack, and avoid attacks from enemies. Another important thing is that you have to combine your skills to create beautiful combos that deal greater damage to the enemies.

Join the duel, the highest weapons will be brought by players to join the fight. These weapons are obtained by collecting money and unlocking weapon systems in the game’s store. If you don’t want to spend a lot of effort into collecting money, we have a quick solution for you too. In the MOD version of Shadow Fight 3, the monetary system in the game will be infinite.

Back to the issue of weapons. In the fight, if you let the weapon slip out of your hand, then during the fight you will have to fight manually with the enemy. It is a great challenge, if you do not have the skills to fight by hand, it is very difficult to overcome the opponent.

Control system

shadow fight 3 mod apk control

The control system of Shadow Fight 3 is also very simple. Navigation keys are designed for optimal players. Like traditional RPGs, the game is inspired by illustrious RPGs like Tekken, Mortal Kombat. And of course, the controls are still designed to be similar. You will use the D-Pad control panel on the device to move and attack the enemies. The game is designed with flexible moves, attractive attacks, and beautiful moves thanks to Cascadeur of Nekki’s unique graphics technology (once integrated with the company’s Vector game series).

Weapon system

shadow fight 3 mod weapon

The weapon system in Shadow Fight 3 is very rich. Give players more choices with dozens of different weapon models. Moreover, the game also brings many new costumes designed completely new than previous versions. There will be no more boredom for players from now on.


Graphically, you can clearly see in the avatar. Because this time Shadow Fight 3 was released by Nekki publisher in a completely new form. With beautiful 3D design as if blowing soul into the game. It is no longer the familiar darkness we have ever seen, resulting in the appearance of very handsome heroic characters. Keep weapons in hand to find enemies around the world. Do you find the game more attractive?

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